Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Dan Tierney

July 11, 2003–August 3, 2003


Carl Janz (Stage Manager), Lee Ann Hittenberger (Costume Designer), Craig B. Wollam (Set Designer), Lise Kreps (Music Director), Crystal Dawn Munkers (Choreographer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer).



Vanessa Miller (Beatrice), George Mount (Benedick), Garrett Feek (Claudio), Megan Hill (Hero), Adam Twiss (Don Pedro), Rick May (Leonato), Don John (Barzin Akhavan), Keith Dahlgren (Antonio), Brian Culver (Borachio), Gavin Cummins (Conrade), Nick O'Donnell (Dogberry), Matt Durasoff (Friar), Lyssa Browne (Margaret), Lauren Aboulafia (Ursula), Tricia Ferguson (Verges), J. Reid Johnson (Watchman), Sean Patrick Taylor (Watchman/Musician), Marissa Buschmohle (Musician).

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