Two Enduring Classics: Shakespeare and Twinkies


We’re giving away Twinkies! Starting today we will give away a Hostess Twinkie to the first 90 people who subscribe to the theatre’s 2012-2013 season. “Although this is the end of an era, we thought it appropriate and kind of fun to celebrate two enduring classics: Shakespeare and Twinkies,” said Artistic Director George Mount.

With the recent closure of the Hostess Company it’s possible that the Twinkie and other Hostess products will become valuable collector’s items. Seattle Shakespeare Company was only able to make the offer to the first 90 patrons because it was unable to source any more of the snack cakes in the local area.  A grocery clerk at the Safeway in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood stated that the last delivery of Hostess products would be on Monday.

Although the Twinkie has not been around as long as Shakespeare’s works, urban legend does claim that it may have an infinite shelf life. “We’re lucky that Shakespeare’s plays can be enjoyed by all the world and will continue to live on, unfortunately we may not be able to say that about the Twinkie,” said Mount. “While I can’t imagine a world where kids won’t grow up with Shakespeare, we actually may have to face a world where kids won’t know or experience a Twinkie.”

Three play subscriptions to Seattle Shakespeare Company range from $54 to $105 and can be purchased in person at the box office, by phone at 206-733-8222 or online.