Round 3: Bracket Battle of Lovers and Clowns

Bracket Battle Round 3

Now things are getting interesting! Lover against lover. Clown against clown. Friend against friend. We’re down to the last eight of your favorite characters from this season. Who’s going to make it to final four?

In several of the Round 2 match ups, there was no question about who would be the winner. Nora, Kate, Petruchio, Cleopatra, and Mrs. Linde all pulled out ahead early. It was a tight call between Mark Antony and Octavius Caesar, and both the clowns from Love’s Labour’s Lost grabbed victory from Berowne and Rosaline.

Now come some hard choices: picking that one favorite character from each play. How to decide? Will the ladies triumph  or can the guys hang on until the end?

Voting for Round 3 closes on Friday, April 5 at 3PM

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