Othello at the Hall at Fauntleroy

Othello Tour

Join Us for Dinner and a Show!

After the high-ranking general Othello passes over Iago for a promotion, the cunning manipulator enacts his revenge. By playing on the Moor’s insecurities, Iago paints a false vision of Othello’s faithful wife, Desdemona, which leads to a murderous fit of jealousy. For Seattle Shakespeare Company’s touring shows, the small-cast ensemble plays multiple parts with quick changes and distinctive character choices that make for a showcase of great acting.

“Othello” will be performed on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the Hall at Fauntleroy. Dinner for this event is catered by Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes at their home venue; the historic and beautiful Hall at Fauntleroy (formerly the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse). The doors for the event will open at 6PM, dinner will be served at 6:30PM, and the performance will begin at 7:30 PM.

When ordering tickets, please note the menu entree options and order accordingly.

Please note: Othello contains onstage violence and may not be appropriate for all children.

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