General Auditions

Seattle Shakespeare Company’s annual general auditions take place during the spring. Please check back for specific dates.

What to Prepare

Your audition slot will be five minutes long. The audition requirments are two Shakespearean monologues, the first of which must be in verse. The second piece may or may not be asked for, but please be prepared.

Please bring a headshot/resume to your audition, even if you have submitted them previously.

Submit a headshot and resume.

To Request an Audition Slot

All requests must include a cover letter. You will be contacted if you do not receive an audition slot.

To obtain an audition slot, please send an electronic copy of your headshot/resume to casting. All members of Actor’s Equity soliciting for appointments will receive slots. For non-AEA actors, audition slots will be offered based on classical, text-based experience, and WILL NOT be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You do not need to audition if you have worked for or auditioned for Seattle Shakespeare/Wooden O in the past 12 months.

Please Note

Seattle Shakespeare Company does not allow submissions for auditions outside of our General Auditions unless we are actively soliciting actors for our productions. Please know that because of the volume of requests we receive we cannot personally respond to all the submissions, but we do look at all qualified candidates’ submissions. If you are an AEA actor or a non-AEA actor with considerable classical theatre experience, and are unable to attend our auditions, we may make an occasional exception.

If you have questions, please send your query to casting.