News About Antony and Cleopatra

Championship Round: Nora Takes on Don Armado

Bracket Battle Round Finals

Incredible! The two finalists for our Championship Round of the 2012-2013 Character Bracket Battle are…Nora and Don Armado.  Nora from A Doll’s House whipped Cleopatra from Antony and Cleopatra in the final four, but it was a close race for Don Armado from Love’s Labour’s Lost against Kate from The Taming of the Shrew. Based […]

Round 4: Cleopatra vs. Nora and Don Armado vs. Kate

Bracket Battle Round 4

The male characters were trounced last week and the ladies triumphed.  In some cases it was almost no contest. The lone male contender in this battle is Don Armado. Can the fantastical Spaniard from Love’s Labour’s Lost hold his own against Kate from The Taming of the Shrew? Doubtful, she has dominated every battle she’s […]

Round 3: Bracket Battle of Lovers and Clowns

Bracket Battle Round 3

Now things are getting interesting! Lover against lover. Clown against clown. Friend against friend. We’re down to the last eight of your favorite characters from this season. Who’s going to make it to final four? In several of the Round 2 match ups, there was no question about who would be the winner. Nora, Kate, […]

Round 2: Season Character Bracket Battle

Bracket Battle Round 2

The battle for favorite character raged over the weekend and ended with some surprising results!  Enobarbus edged out Lepidus to move forward in the next round and Dr. Rank upset Krogstad in a close call. Berowne pulled from behind to beat out Holofernes and Grumio made a last minute comeback to unseat Mama Baptista. The […]

Vote for Your Favorite Character in Our Bracket Battle

Bracket Battle

It’s basketball tournament time and the brackets are out, so we have decided to create a little competition of our own. It’s your chance to cheer on and vote for your favorite characters from the plays in Seattle Shakespeare Company’s current season. Each play will have an ultimate winner who will go up against the […]

Make It a Shakespeare-filled Weekend


Want to make it full-on Shakespeare weekend? Here’s what you’ll need to do and we’ve got some discounts to help out: Saturday On Saturday afternoon head over to SIFF for the award-winning film Caesar Must Die at the Cinema Uptown. Set in a maximum-security prison, it follows the lives of its inmates as they try […]

8 Reasons Why Antony and Cleopatra Rocks

Antony & Cleopatra Wordle

Who’s hot? Cleopatra is hot. Can you name one other historical female ruler who led her people to greatness and did so with such style?  Hmm…maybe Queen Elizabeth?  Wealth, power, a sexy boyfriend, and Cleopatra basically lived at the beach! Here’s the truth: she was a savvy political tactician who held her own in world […]

Darragh Kennan on Performing Shakespeare

Darragh Kennan (Hamlet 2010)

From Andrew Augucheek to Orestes to Touchstone to Hamlet, Darragh Kennan has created some indelible characters on our stage.  Once again he’s adding his unique touch to the character of Octavius in Antony and Cleopatra. Turn up the sound on your computer and listen to this slide show presentation on why Darragh likes performing Shakespeare. […]

Amy Thone and Hans Altwies Featured on Art Zone


Husband and wife actors Amy Thone and Hans Altwies play the title roles in Seattle Shakespeare Company’s production of Antony and Cleopatra.  They were recently featured on the Seattle Channel’s Art Zone talking about how they met and how they try to balance a life in theatre with a family.