The Winter’s Tale


Jealousy and suspicion tear at the heart of King Leontes, a man who seems to have everything. Accusing his wife of infidelity, his rash choices plunge himself and those he loves into a winter of despair and regret. Yet true love can work miracles and forgiveness can heal deep wounds as an exiled princess and a wise woman orchestrate one of the most touching reunions in all of Shakespeare.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Two pairs of young lovers escape the tyranny of rule and family to enter the earthy unpredictable netherworld of the forest. By twists and turns, the mystical inhabitants play havoc with the four as well as with an unsuspecting theatre troupe, turning everyone’s world upside down. Director Sheila Daniels, who staged our award-winning production of “Electra,” returns to play with the dark shadows and golden glow of Shakespeare’s most popular comedy.



Andrea Bush (Scenic Designer), Jennifer Zeyl (Costume Designer), Ben Zamora (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Composer/Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Co-Choreographer), Amy Thone (Text Director)


CAST (alphabetical order)

Zoe Belyea (Snug), Christine Marie Brown (Lysandra), Gordon Carpenter (Egeus/Snout), Trick Danneker (Demetrius), Mike Dooly (Theseus/Mustardseed), Chris Ensweiler (Puck/Philostrate), Reginald Andre Jackson (Oberon), Kevin McKeon (Peter Quince), Todd Jefferson Moore (Nick Bottom), Riley Neldam (Francis Flute/Moth), Qadriyyah Shabazz (Hippolyta/Peaseblossom), Kacey Shiflet (Cobweb), Allison Strickland (Hermia), Amy Thone (Titania), Terri Weagant (Helena)