The Tempest


Seeking resolution to some of the wrongs in his life, Prospero conjures both people and memories from his past to an enchanted island.  Using his powers to wreak revenge, he manipulates both spirits and humans in his last quest, but ultimately discovers that love and forgiveness work the most potent magic of all.



L.B. Morse (Scenic and Projection Design) Doris Black (Costume Design), Roberta Russell (Lighting Design), Robertson Witmer (Sound Design), Jesse Sykes and Phil Wandscher (Original Music).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Eric Ray Anderson (Stephano), James Dean (Gonzalo), Jeffrey Frieders (Ferdinand), Bradley Goodwill (Alonzo), Hana Lass (Ariel), Todd Licea (Antonio), Carolyn Marie Monroe (Miranda), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Caliban), Kerry Ryan (Trinculo), Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Sebastian), Michael Winters (Prospero).


Macbeth (Tour 2011)


In this taut, pared-down play tells a tale of murder and dark ambition, a ruthless lord seizes power with the help of his scheming wife and a trio of other-worldly witches. Urged on by eerie prophesies and ambitious desire, Macbeth slices through kinsmen, friend, and foe in a bloody climb to power at any cost.


    Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer),  Janessa Jayne Styck (Costume Designer),  Gordon Carpenter (Fight Choreographer), Louise Butler (Rehearsal Stage Manager), Gavin Cummins (Puppet Construction), George Mount (Mask Construction)


    CAST (in alphabetical order)

    Patrick Allcorn (Duncan/Macduff/Murderer/Witch),  Susanna Burney (Lady Macbeth/Servant/Siward/Witch), Ben McFadden (Banquo/Porter/Murderer/Witch/Bleeding Sergeant),  Carolyn Marie Monroe (Ross/Lady Macduff/Fleance/Witch),  Damian Peterson (Malcolm/Murderer/Witch), Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Macbeth)


Romeo and Juliet (Tour 2011)


In the midst of an historical bitter feud, passionate young love emerges. Defying their parents, Romeo and Juliet marry and plot to run away together, only to be thwarted at every turn. This classic play is a swashbuckling drama and the greatest love story ever told.



Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer),  Janessa Jayne Styck (Costume Designer),  Gordon Carpenter (Fight Choreographer), Louise Butler (Rehearsal Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Patrick Allcorn (Benvolio/Paris),  Susanna Burney (Lady Capulet/Abram/Apothecary), Ben McFadden (Mercutio/Nurse/Prince),  Carolyn Marie Monroe (Juliet/Sampson),  Damian Peterson (Romeo/Gregory), Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Tybalt/Friar)


Henry V


It’s 1962, and with the arms race and space race at full throttle, pressure is mounting for the new ruler Henry and his cabinet cronies to do something.  Well…anything, really. After the monarch of France insults him, power hungry Henry leaps into war (with some prodding from his “advisors”).  Outnumbered and facing sure disaster, Henry’s political instinct kicks in to gamble on one last epic fight. “Henry V” exposes the behind the scenes maneuverings of a government’s war machine.



Jason Phillips (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Matt Starritt (Sound Designer), Sean Patrick Taylor (Music Director/Dramaturg), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Allan Armstrong (King of France), Gordon Carpenter (Bardolph/Williams/Burgundy), Marcel Davis (Westmoreland), Russell Hodgkinson (Pistol), David S. Hogan (Bedford), Tim Hyland (Ely/Fluellen), Jerick Hoffer (Mistress Quickly/Alice), James James (Grey/Orleans), James Lapan (Canterbury/Gower), Patrick Lennon (Boy/ Mountjoy), Chris Macdonald (Scoop/Constable), Joseph P. McCarthy (Nym/Bates), Stephanie Shine (Chorus), Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Cambridge/Dauphin), Alexandra Tavares (Katherine), and Evan Whitfield (King Henry).



The Comedy of Errors


Two sets of long lost twins unknowingly cross paths and set the stage for an evening of mistaken identity, mixed up confusion, and mayhem! This comic master piece is full of slapstick and sight gags, puns and pratfalls. Keeping track of which twin is which is only half the fun, as Shakespeare also stacks the deck with some of his most outrageous characters, including a jealous wife, a seductive courtesan, a hapless old man seeking his sons, a zany conjurer attempting an exorcism, and even a nun who’s not all she seems to be!



Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), Janessa Jayne Styck (Costume Designer), Kim Douglas (Composer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Crystal Dawn Munkers (Choreographer), Sarah Dale Rice (Stage Manager)


Ray Allen (Pianist), Allan Armstrong (Egeon/ Dr. Pinch), Brian Claudio Smith (Antipholus of Ephesus), Keith Dahlgren (Balthasar/Angelo/2nd Merchant), Chris Ensweiler (Dromio of Syracuse), Cecelia Frye (Abbess/Officer/Nell), David S. Hogan (Dromio of Ephesus), Noah Luce (Duke Solinus), Vanessa Miller (Adriana), Hannah Mootz (Courtesan), Chiara Motley (Luciana), Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Antipholus of Syracuse).