As You Like It


Exiled from home and forced to wander the forest with a clown…what’s a girl to do? How about fool everyone by dressing like a guy. Rosalind and a merry band of wanderers find love tucked among the trees of the forest of Arden. George Mount, who staged our inventive and thrilling production of “The Tempest,” conjures up a romantic staging of this enchanting comedy.



Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), Doris Black (Costume Designer), Roberta Russell (Lighting Designer), Sarah McGuinn (Composer), Robertson Witmer and Evan Mosher (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Peter Dylan O’Connor and Gordon Carpenter (Fight Choreographers), Crystal Dawn Munkers (Choreographer), Sarah Dale Rice (Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Keith Dahlgren (Duke Senior), Ray Gonzalez (Duke Frederick), Bill Johns (Corin), Darragh Kennan (Touchstone), David Brown King (Silvius), David Klein (Adam/Oliver Martext), Hana Lass (Rosalind), Jon Lutyens (Le Beau/Amiens), Hannah Mootz (Phebe), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Oliver), Rebecca Olson (Celia), David Pichette (Jaques), Nathan Graham Smith (Orlando), Donna Wood (Audrey), Jake Ynzunza (Charles the Wrestler/William)


Love’s Labour’s Lost


In this exuberant romantic comedy youthful idealism gets derailed by love. The King of Navarre and his buddies have plans to immerse themselves in their studies swearing off less civilized pursuits — namely girls. After the Princess of France arrives with her ladies on a diplomatic mission, the young men’s hearts melt along with their brainy resolve. Playful pranks, witty wordplay and moony wooing give way to more serious matters that reveal the cost of real love.


Andrea Bryn Bush (Scenic Designer), Deane Middleton (Costume Designer), Kent Cubbage (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Crystal Dawn Munkers (Movement/Dance Choreographer), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager)


CAST (in order of appearance)
Jason Sanford (Ferdinand, King of Navarre), Jonathan Crimeni (Longaville), Jay Myers (Dumain), Paul Stuart (Berowne), Kevin Bordi (Dull), Mike Dooly (Costard), David Quicksall (Don Adriano de Armado), Mickey Rowe (Moth), Donna Wood (Jaquenetta), Scott Ward Abernethy (Boyet), Brandon J. Simmons (Mercade), Samara Lerman (Princess of France), Allie Pratt (Maria), Rebecca Olson (Katharine), Kayla Lian (Rosaline), Allan Armstrong (Holofernes), George Mount (Sir Nathaniel).