Bred for the battlefield, the triumphant soldier Coriolanus discovers he is out of his depths when elected to the Roman Senate where the politics can be twice as treacherous as warfare. Behind his rapid rise is his powerful mother who raised him to be a warrior of no equal. Shakespeare makes politics personal in this tragedy by plumbing the depths of emotion between mother and son, pride and patriotism, ego and honor.



Carol Wolfe Clay (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Kent Cubbage (Lighting Designer), Nathan Wade (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Gordon Carpenter (Fight and Movement Choreography), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Gerald B. Browning (Junius Brutus), Tom Dewey (Titus Lartius), Therese Diekhans (Volumnia), Mike Dooly (Tullus Aufidius), David Drummond (Caius Martius (later, Coriolanus), Peter A. Jacobs (Menenius Agrippa), David S. Klein (Sicinius Velutus), Shanelle Nicole Leonard (Virgilia), Joseph P. McCarthy (First Citizen), Heather M. Persinger (Valeria), Lance McQueen (Cominus), Jack Taylor (Young Martius), Jake Ynzunza (Second Citizen)


A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Two pairs of young lovers escape the tyranny of rule and family to enter the earthy unpredictable netherworld of the forest. By twists and turns, the mystical inhabitants play havoc with the four as well as with an unsuspecting theatre troupe, turning everyone’s world upside down. Director Sheila Daniels, who staged our award-winning production of “Electra,” returns to play with the dark shadows and golden glow of Shakespeare’s most popular comedy.



Andrea Bush (Scenic Designer), Jennifer Zeyl (Costume Designer), Ben Zamora (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Composer/Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Co-Choreographer), Amy Thone (Text Director)


CAST (alphabetical order)

Zoe Belyea (Snug), Christine Marie Brown (Lysandra), Gordon Carpenter (Egeus/Snout), Trick Danneker (Demetrius), Mike Dooly (Theseus/Mustardseed), Chris Ensweiler (Puck/Philostrate), Reginald Andre Jackson (Oberon), Kevin McKeon (Peter Quince), Todd Jefferson Moore (Nick Bottom), Riley Neldam (Francis Flute/Moth), Qadriyyah Shabazz (Hippolyta/Peaseblossom), Kacey Shiflet (Cobweb), Allison Strickland (Hermia), Amy Thone (Titania), Terri Weagant (Helena)


Love’s Labour’s Lost


In this exuberant romantic comedy youthful idealism gets derailed by love. The King of Navarre and his buddies have plans to immerse themselves in their studies swearing off less civilized pursuits — namely girls. After the Princess of France arrives with her ladies on a diplomatic mission, the young men’s hearts melt along with their brainy resolve. Playful pranks, witty wordplay and moony wooing give way to more serious matters that reveal the cost of real love.


Andrea Bryn Bush (Scenic Designer), Deane Middleton (Costume Designer), Kent Cubbage (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Crystal Dawn Munkers (Movement/Dance Choreographer), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager)


CAST (in order of appearance)
Jason Sanford (Ferdinand, King of Navarre), Jonathan Crimeni (Longaville), Jay Myers (Dumain), Paul Stuart (Berowne), Kevin Bordi (Dull), Mike Dooly (Costard), David Quicksall (Don Adriano de Armado), Mickey Rowe (Moth), Donna Wood (Jaquenetta), Scott Ward Abernethy (Boyet), Brandon J. Simmons (Mercade), Samara Lerman (Princess of France), Allie Pratt (Maria), Rebecca Olson (Katharine), Kayla Lian (Rosaline), Allan Armstrong (Holofernes), George Mount (Sir Nathaniel).


Antony and Cleopatra


The Roman General and the Egyptian Queen. Their romance gave birth to an empire, but their fiery longing came at a price. Caught between desire and duty, Antony and Cleopatra’s love affair shook the foundations of the known world. Power, politics, and passion collide in Shakespeare’s captivating tragedy. Director John Langs, who staged our 2010 production of Hamlet, returns to helm this legendary and tragic affair between two charismatic leaders.


Jennifer Zeyl (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Geoff Korf (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer and Evan Mosher (Co-Sound Designers), Megan Tuschhoff (Properties Designer), Mollye Maxner (Movement/Dance Choreographer), Barney Hammond (Vocal/Text Director), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)
Justin Alley (Demetrius/Ventidius/Soldier), Hans Altweis (Mark Antony), Sydney Andrews (Octavia), John Bogar (Meacenas/Messenger), Mike Dooly (Pompey/Dercetus), Daniel Guttenberg (Soothsayer/Schoolteacher), Anne-Marie Jones (Attendant), Darragh Kennan (Octavius Caesar), Dan Kremer (Lepidus/Clown), Charles Leggett (Enobarbus), Jason Marr (Philo/Scarus), Chris Maslen (Menas/Thidias), Alex Matthews (Eros/Messenger), Nick Rempel (Agrippa/Soldier), Joseph Anderson Shaw (Merecrates/Messenger), Matt Shimkus (Messenger/Candidus), Adam Standley (Alexas), Allison Strickland (Iras), Amy Thone (Cleopatra), Terri Weagant (Charmian).


The Tempest


Shakespeare’s magical tale where revenge yields to forgiveness. Exiled by his younger brother and marooned on an enchanted island with his daughter, the aging sorcerer Prospero discovers the human heart wields a greater power than all the spells at his command.


Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer), Jocelyne Fowler (Costume Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Crystal Dawn Munkers (Choreographer), Victoria Thompson (Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)
Scott Ward Abernethy, Tonya Andrews, and Olivia Hartshorn (Ariel), Jonathan Crimeni, (Ferdinand), Mike Dooly (Stephano), Jim Gall (King Alonso), Anastasia Higham (Miranda), Jim Lapan (Gonzalo), Meg McLynn (Antonio), Pilar O’Connell (Adrian), Brian Simmons (Caliban), Brandon J. Simmons (Sebastian), Amy Thone (Prospero), Donna Wood (Trinculo).