The Two Gentlemen of Verona


Life along the Verona Gold Coast is sweet for buddies Proteus and Valentine.  They dine in great restaurants, chill in the best clubs, and get to hang out on yachts. But when Valentine heads off to attend the university, fickle Proteus drops his gal Julia and heads off with him.  While at school, the moony and misguided guys stumble over themselves trying to win the heart of beautiful Sylvia.  When resourceful Julia gets wind of it, she devises a plan to win back her wayward beau.



Jason Phillips (Scenic Designer), Doris Black (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Miller Freeman IV (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Daniel Brockley (Proteus), Samie Detzer (Lucetta/Ursula), Kelly Ehlert (Outlaw), Chris Ensweiler (Lance), David Goldstein (Speed), Emily Grogan (Sylvia), Hana Lass (Julia), Sean Martin (Thurio), Michael Patten (Duke/Antonio), Derek Petropolis (Outlaw), Matt Shimkus (Panthino/Eglamour), and Connor Toms (Valentine).



What was Hamlet like at school? Find out in this smart, sprightly and audacious battle of wits. University colleagues Dr. Faustus and Martin Luther hold court while their student, the Prince of Denmark, faces the quandry of who to study with (while also struggling with his tennis game). This hyper-literate comedy is a highly entertaining and accessible exploration of reason versus faith.



Jennifer Zeyl (Scenic Designer), K.D. Schill (Costume Designer), Tim Wratten (Lighting Designer), Kevin Heard (Sound Designer), Sean Patrick Taylor (Music Director), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager)


CAST (in order of appearance)

Connor Toms (Hamlet), Chad Kelderman (John Faustus), Michael Patten (Rev. Fr. Martin Luther), Michelle Chiachiere (The Eternal Feminine).



The Winter’s Tale


Jealousy and suspicion tear at the heart of King Leontes, a man who seems to have everything. Accusing his wife of infidelity, his rash choices plunge himself and those he loves into a winter of despair and regret. Yet true love can work miracles and forgiveness can heal deep wounds as an exiled princess and a wise woman orchestrate one of the most touching reunions in all of Shakespeare.


A Doll’s House


Darling Nora enjoys a comfortable life with her family and loves her husband Torvald above all else. So much so, that she’s risked a small lie in order to save his reputation and protect their cozy existence. When the truth worms its way out with a threat of blackmail, Nora begins to question her devotion and find herself forced into making a life-altering decision: honor her marriage or pursue her duty to herself.


Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Tim Wratten (Lighting Designer), Jay Weinland (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Laura Ferri (Choreographer), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)
Mia Banham (Emmy), Leah Fishbaugh (Maid), Jennifer Sue Johnson (Nora Helmer), Jody McCoy (Anne-Marie), George Mount (Dr. Rank), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Nils Krogstad), Michael Patten (Torvald Helmer), Betsy Schwartz (Mrs. Kristine Linde), Tessa Weinland (Catherine).


Henry V


A young, untried king tests his mettle in battle against overwhelming odds. His army dispirited and outnumbered, his conscience unsure of his cause or his abilities, the young King Henry learns that leadership is far more than just being the one with the crown.


Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer), Jocelyne Fowler (Costume Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Jay Weinland (Sound Designer), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Fight Choreographer), Louise Butler (Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)
Jeremy Barrett (Boy), Keith Dahlgren (King of France/Nym), Matt Gilbert (Fluellen), Macall Gordon (Alice/Hostess/Williams), Noah Greene (Dauphin), David S. Hogan (Henry), Yesenia Iglesias (Westmoreland), Annie Lareau (Bardolph/Queen/Bates), Jon Lutyens (Montjoy), Carolyn Marie Monroe (Katherine), Michael Patten (Pistol), David Quicksall (Exeter), Jason Sanford (Constable), Dylan Smith (Orleans), Terri Weagant (Gower).