Richard III


Imagine a man so vile in his thoughts and actions that everything withers around him. Then imagine that man as your ruler. While the women of the court valiantly struggle to depose him, the toxic Richard III reduces his once prosperous country to ashes. Just as utter collapse seem inevitable; a bright, young leader named Richmond challenges the old order of misrule by bringing hope to the land.



Craig Wollam (Scenic Design), Janessa Jayne Styck (Costume Design), M. Elizabeth Eller (Sound Design), Deborah Fialkow (Fight Choreographer), Jennifer Havlin (Dance Choreographer), Sarah Dale Rice (Stage Manager/Assistant Director).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Patrick Allcorn (Catesby/Tressel), Mike Dooly (Buckingham/Berkley), Tim  Gouran (Gray/1st Murderer/Bishop 1/Richmond), Annie Lareau (Elizabeth/Norfolke), Jon Lutyens (Rivers/Mayor/Tyrrel/ Sheriff/Brandon), Chiara B. Motley (Anne/Ratcliffe), George Mount (Richard), Karen Nelsen (Stanley/Duchess), Damian Peterson (Dorset/2nd Murderer), Carter Rodriguez (Clarence/Edward/Ely/Oxford), Jose Rufino (Hastings/3rd Messenger/Blunt), Leah Russell (Young York/Page), Cally Shine (Young Elizabeth/Young Prince/2nd Messenger), Kimberly White (Brakenbury/Margaret/Messenger).


Henry IV


“Henry IV” wraps England’s civil unrest around a young man’s coming of age.  While Prince Hal drinks and carouses with the rogue Falstaff, his father, the King, grapples with rebel wars plaguing his rule.  As father and Falstaff battle for his affections, the playboy prince struggles to mature from wild youth to the heroic King Henry V.



Pete Rush (Set and Costume Designer), Tim Wratten (Lighting Designer), M. Elizabeth Eller (Sound Design), Gordon Carpenter (Fight Choreographer), Kimberly White (Voice and Text Director), Miller Freeman IV (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Patrick Allcorn (Douglas/Westmoreland), Shawn Belyea (Glendower/Warrick/Archbishop), Keith Dahlgren (Northumberland/Bardolph), Alycia Delmore (Lady Percy/Doll Tearsheet), Ben Gonio (Hotspur/Silence), Tim Gouran (Prince Hal), Leticia Jaramillo (Mistress Quickly), David Anthony Lewis (Worcester), Jon Lutyens (Poins/Vernon), Brandon Petty(Prince John/Nym /Mortimer), David Pichette (King Henry/Shallow), Sean Shannon (Hastings/Francis), Brian Claudio Smith (Pistol/Blunt), Allison Michelle Standley (Lady Mortimer/Davy), and Richard Ziman (Falstaff).


As You Like It


Exiled from home and forced to wander the forest with a clown…what’s a girl to do? How about fool everyone by dressing like a guy. Rosalind and a merry band of wanderers find love tucked among the trees of the forest of Arden. George Mount, who staged our inventive and thrilling production of “The Tempest,” conjures up a romantic staging of this enchanting comedy.



Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), Doris Black (Costume Designer), Roberta Russell (Lighting Designer), Sarah McGuinn (Composer), Robertson Witmer and Evan Mosher (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Peter Dylan O’Connor and Gordon Carpenter (Fight Choreographers), Crystal Dawn Munkers (Choreographer), Sarah Dale Rice (Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Keith Dahlgren (Duke Senior), Ray Gonzalez (Duke Frederick), Bill Johns (Corin), Darragh Kennan (Touchstone), David Brown King (Silvius), David Klein (Adam/Oliver Martext), Hana Lass (Rosalind), Jon Lutyens (Le Beau/Amiens), Hannah Mootz (Phebe), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Oliver), Rebecca Olson (Celia), David Pichette (Jaques), Nathan Graham Smith (Orlando), Donna Wood (Audrey), Jake Ynzunza (Charles the Wrestler/William)


Henry V


A young, untried king tests his mettle in battle against overwhelming odds. His army dispirited and outnumbered, his conscience unsure of his cause or his abilities, the young King Henry learns that leadership is far more than just being the one with the crown.


Craig Wollam (Scenic Designer), Jocelyne Fowler (Costume Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Jay Weinland (Sound Designer), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Fight Choreographer), Louise Butler (Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)
Jeremy Barrett (Boy), Keith Dahlgren (King of France/Nym), Matt Gilbert (Fluellen), Macall Gordon (Alice/Hostess/Williams), Noah Greene (Dauphin), David S. Hogan (Henry), Yesenia Iglesias (Westmoreland), Annie Lareau (Bardolph/Queen/Bates), Jon Lutyens (Montjoy), Carolyn Marie Monroe (Katherine), Michael Patten (Pistol), David Quicksall (Exeter), Jason Sanford (Constable), Dylan Smith (Orleans), Terri Weagant (Gower).