Shakespeare’s tale of love, betrayal, and revenge.  Iago, Shakespeare’s most enigmatic villain, uses the arts of war in a time of peace to prey on his friends’ best qualities. One of Shakespeare’s most mature and exciting works.



Dennis Evans (Scenic Designer), Sherry Lyon (Costume Designer), James E. Johnson (Lighting Designer), Lucy Peckham (Sound Designer), Movement Choreographer (Wade Madsen), Huntley Beyer (Composer), James Larrison (Orchestrator), Paul T. Mitri (Fight Choreographer), Andrew De Rycke (Production Stage Manager).



Anthony Lee (Othello), Susan Riddiford (Desdemona), William Salyers (Cassio), Paul T. Mitri (Iago), Serena Berne (Bianca), Lori Larsen (Emelia), Bill Johns (Roderigo), Gordon Carpenter (Brabantio), David Wright (Duke), Doug Rosen (Gratiano/Second Senator), Erik Van Beuzekom (Ludovicco), Terrence Cronin (Montano), Christopher Shanahan (First Senator), Peter Hoelzl (Messenger), Peter T. Rucco (Sailor), Elizabeth Juviler (Lady in Waiting), Christina Voyles (Lady in Waiting), Reginal Andre Jackson (Ensemble), Paul Quaintance (Ensemble).

Henry V


It’s 1962, and with the arms race and space race at full throttle, pressure is mounting for the new ruler Henry and his cabinet cronies to do something.  Well…anything, really. After the monarch of France insults him, power hungry Henry leaps into war (with some prodding from his “advisors”).  Outnumbered and facing sure disaster, Henry’s political instinct kicks in to gamble on one last epic fight. “Henry V” exposes the behind the scenes maneuverings of a government’s war machine.



Jason Phillips (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Matt Starritt (Sound Designer), Sean Patrick Taylor (Music Director/Dramaturg), Rod Pilloud (Stage Manager).


CAST (in alphabetical order)

Allan Armstrong (King of France), Gordon Carpenter (Bardolph/Williams/Burgundy), Marcel Davis (Westmoreland), Russell Hodgkinson (Pistol), David S. Hogan (Bedford), Tim Hyland (Ely/Fluellen), Jerick Hoffer (Mistress Quickly/Alice), James James (Grey/Orleans), James Lapan (Canterbury/Gower), Patrick Lennon (Boy/ Mountjoy), Chris Macdonald (Scoop/Constable), Joseph P. McCarthy (Nym/Bates), Stephanie Shine (Chorus), Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Cambridge/Dauphin), Alexandra Tavares (Katherine), and Evan Whitfield (King Henry).



The Threepenny Opera


“The Threepenny Opera” is a savage and biting commentary on capitalism and modern morality. Mack the Knife is a dapper criminal who leaves a trail of broken hearts and slashed throats wherever he roams.  The dashing thieves, saucy prostitutes and scheming entrepreneurs of Mack’s seedy underworld trade in love, sex, murder and theft in order to survive in a society spinning out of control.



Daryl Spadaccini (Music Director), Jennifer Havlin (Choreographer), Michael Mowery (Scenic Designer), Doris Black (Costume Designer), Andrew D. Smith (Lighting Designer), Matt Starritt (Sound Designer), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager)


CAST (in alphabetical order)

John Bogar (Macheath (Mack the Knife)), Julie Briskman (Jenny), Gordon Carpenter (Ensemble), Rebecca M. Davis (Ensemble), Hugh Hastings (Tiger Brown), Russell Hodgkinson (Mr. J.J. Peachum), Jerick Hoffer (Ensemble), Jayne Muirhead (Mrs. Peachum), Rod Pilloud (Reverend Kimball), Gina Russell (Lucy Brown), Matt Shimkus (Ensemble), Brandon J. Simmons (Ensemble), Allison Standley (Polly Peachum)




Prince Hamlet hears his father’s otherworldly voice demanding revenge, and thus begins an intense whirlwind of intrigue in Shakespeare’s most complex and emotional drama. Pulled apart by love and duty, Hamlet struggles to make sense of his upended world while attempting to pursue justice. Director John Langs returns after his much lauded production of “The Merchant of Venice” to stage and rediscover this exalted classic.



Jennifer Zeyl (Scenic Designer), Pete Rush (Costume Designer), Geoff Korf (Lighting Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager)


CAST (in order of appearance)

Adam Standley (Bernardo/Player/Attendant/Fortinbras), Matt Shimkus (Francisco/Rosencrantz/Attendant), Mike Dooly (Horatio), Gordon Carpenter (Marcellus/Lucianus/Priest/Soldier of Fortinbras), Charles Leggett (Ghost/Player King/First Clown/Osric), Richard Ziman (Claudius), Mary Ewald (Gertrude), David Pichette (Polonius/Second Clown), Alyson Bedford (Voltemand/Player Queen/Soldier of Fortinbras), Robert Keene (Cornelius/Player/Messenger ), Darragh Kennan (Hamlet), Shawn Law (Laertes), Brenda Joyner (Ophelia), Justin Alley (Reynaldo/Captain/Attendant), Jason Marr (Guildenstern/Attendant)




Ambition, power and the corruption of the soul are at the center of this moody and unsettling play. A driven warrior and his scheming wife unleash forces they cannot comprehend or control in their quest to hold the throne of Scotland. Urged on by the prophetic double-talk of a trio of macabre witches and determined hold onto the crown even at the cost of everything around them, Macbeth and his lady sink into a world of paranoia, murder and madness.



Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), Sarah Harlett (Costume Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Assistant Director/Co-Movement Choreographer), Gordon Carpenter (Co-Movement Choreographer), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager).


Charissa Adams (3rd Witch/Young Macduff), Calleigh Shine (2nd Witch/Gentlewoman), Tonya Andrews (1st Witch/Lady Macduff), Shawn Belyea (Macduff), Gordon Carpenter (Duncan/Old Siward), Mike Dooly (Ross), David Goldstein (Porter/Murderer/Seyton), Robert Hinds (Banquo), Tracy Hyland (Lady Macbeth), Reginald André Jackson (Macbeth), Harry Todd Jamieson (Malcolm), Kyle Johnson (Donalbain/Young Siward), Carter Rodriguez (Lennox)