Ambition, power and the corruption of the soul are at the center of this moody and unsettling play. A driven warrior and his scheming wife unleash forces they cannot comprehend or control in their quest to hold the throne of Scotland. Urged on by the prophetic double-talk of a trio of macabre witches and determined hold onto the crown even at the cost of everything around them, Macbeth and his lady sink into a world of paranoia, murder and madness.



Craig B. Wollam (Scenic Designer), Sarah Harlett (Costume Designer), Robertson Witmer (Sound Designer), Marleigh Driscoll (Properties Designer), Peter Dylan O’Connor (Assistant Director/Co-Movement Choreographer), Gordon Carpenter (Co-Movement Choreographer), Susannah Butler (Stage Manager).


Charissa Adams (3rd Witch/Young Macduff), Calleigh Shine (2nd Witch/Gentlewoman), Tonya Andrews (1st Witch/Lady Macduff), Shawn Belyea (Macduff), Gordon Carpenter (Duncan/Old Siward), Mike Dooly (Ross), David Goldstein (Porter/Murderer/Seyton), Robert Hinds (Banquo), Tracy Hyland (Lady Macbeth), Reginald André Jackson (Macbeth), Harry Todd Jamieson (Malcolm), Kyle Johnson (Donalbain/Young Siward), Carter Rodriguez (Lennox)