On Playing Shakespeare with Brenda Joyner

Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

Hermia, Perdita, Olivia, Desdemona, Ophelia, Hero, Lavinia. You’d be hard pressed to find another young actress who has tackled so many of Shakespeare’s female roles…all before age 30. And yet, actress Brenda Joyner is still learning what she loves about performing Shakespeare. Turn on the sound and listen as Brenda shares what she loves about […]

Much Ado About Nothing


With sparkling prose, “Much Ado About Nothing” illustrates the beauty and complexity of human relationships and will win your heart again and again.

Twelfth Night


A beguiling comedy of romantic adventures and misdirected love.



Shakespeare’s most complex and emotional drama

Richard II


Shakespeare’s lyrical tale of an ill-suited king toppled from his throne.

Much Ado About Nothing


Shakespeare’s vibrant comic celebration of romance will have you cheering when love eventually wins out.