The Taming of the Shrew: Synopsis

April 25-May 12, 2013


Mama Baptista, of the Padua Trailer Park, has two daughters: Katherina and Bianca. Because of Kate’s ornery disposition, her Mama has declared that Bianca can’t get married until Kate also has a ring on her finger. In order to get closer to the younger and kinder Bianca, Lucentio and his buddy Tranio come up with a scheme to become her tutor.

Petruchio swaggers in to the trailer park to visit his friend Hortensio (also a suitor to Bianca).  Motivated by the fact that Kate has a lifestyle far better than his, Petruchio resolves to woo her.

To everyone’s surprise, Petruchio claims that he finds Kate charming.  A marriage is quickly arranged and Petruchio immediately sets out to “tame” Kate in his own unique way.  From showing up late to his own wedding to contradicting everything she says, Petruchio tries to exhaust Kate into meekness. Things only get worse for Kate when she has to set up a home in Petruchio’s “man shack” in the woods.

With Kate now married, Lucentio wins Bianca’s heart and Hortensio settles for the rich widow. At a celebration for Bianca and Lucentio, Petruchio wagers that he has the most obedient wife of all the men there. Does he win the bet?  Kate lets him know.